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daily mail shame of the trans medics

The Trans Agenda #23 – Relentless attacks on trans people dominates all media

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St John Ambulance tells job applicants to share their chosen pronouns Daily Mail29 Mar 2024By Alex Ward Social Affairs Correspondent ST JOHN Ambulance has been accused of ‘hostility’ towards job applicants after it emerged staff were being urged to share their pronouns when applying for posts internally. The candidate centre for the charity’s internally advertised jobs requested staff ‘share their pronouns’ in the application process. For those who decline, the website offers a prompt asking ‘if you would like to reconsider’. If a candidate still doesn’t want to list them, they are asked to ‘tell us why you do not wish to share your pronouns’. The prompt is accompanied by a message: ‘Pronouns are something everyone has; they are words like he, she or they, which you want people to use when referring to you. At St John Ambulance, we do not assume or guess what someone’s pronouns are based on their name or appearance. ‘Giving your pronouns below helps the people who look at your application show their respect for you and others. ‘St John Ambulance wants everyone to feel included.’ Helen Joyce, of human rights campaign group Sex Matters, said: ‘This feels like an opportunistic way to “educate” unsuspecting people that socalled gender identity matters more than sex, and toes close to the line in terms of compelled belief. ‘It is comparable to asking an applicant to state their religious beliefs and if they chose not to answer, attempting to convince them of the merits of faith while urging them to reconsider. ‘The message is both patronising and hostile to applicants who hold gender-critical views, which polls suggest is the vast majority of the UK population, and is totally unsuitable as part of any recruitment process.’ St John Ambulance said: ‘As an organisation, it’s important to us to promote the correct usage of pronouns as part of being as inclusive as possible. We try to create opportunities for people to share their correct pronouns where we can.’ It came as it was reported that NHS staff were set to be asked if they identified as ‘greyromantic’, ‘abrosexual’ or as ‘endosex’ in a survey which was not signed off by bosses. The woke questionnaire aimed at LGBT staff sought information about health workers’ ‘current sex’ and what ‘umbrella would your romantic orientation fall under’. Details of the poll were leaked to The Daily Telegraph. Writer Kathleen Stock, who is a codirector of The Lesbian Project, said it was a ‘bats*** survey’. LGB Alliance chief executive Kate Barker said it was ‘infantile, meaningless, and insulting’. She added: ‘This kind of nonsense is a perfect example of why LGB people want to organise on the basis of sexuality, not identity.’ An NHS England spokesman said: ‘This is not an NHS England-approved survey.’ ‘Patronising and hostile’ Article Name:St John Ambulance tells job applicants to share their chosen pronouns Publication:Daily Mail Author:By Alex Ward Social Affairs Correspondent Start Page:17 End Page:17

The Trans Agenda #20 Legal loser tries again as GCs attack St Johns ambulance

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A landscape image of the House of Parliament in London on a Sunny day, taken from Westminster Bridge where the Equality Act was debated

“Get on with it”; Arthur Webber on Parliament’s Conversion Therapy Ban debate

The debate was attended by so many, from different parties and nations. Yet all came to the same conclusion: conversion “therapy” is abuse. The overrepresentation of LGB+ MPs (the only openly trans MP, Jamie Wallis, was not present) shows that as much as the media attempt to divide us, we are a united community. 
A shot of Parliament square showing the House of Parliament

As a nonbinary person “I watched in horror” during Parliament’s nonbinary legal recognition debate

The untold damage to the psyche of those of us in the Section 28 Generation has yet to be genuinely explored; but it might explain why many of us in the 35-50 age bracket who now understand ourselves to be nonbinary watched in horror as the parliamentary “debate” on nonbinary recognition unfolded. A ghostly recreation of the ignorance, dismissiveness, whataboutery and speculative fiction that led so many of us to be left without any guidance or support in the 80s; let alone reassurances that there was nothing wrong with us. 
A photo of the Palace of Westminster taken from across the river during the evening. There's a real beautiful contrast between the fiery oranges lighting up the walls of the palace and the peaceful blue sky above.

UK Government debates non-binary legal recognition, sort of

So they sort-of debated the idea of non-binary representation, but mostly didn't. Instead opting to just do fearmongering and spread hateful rhetoric through parliament. Democracy! The whole thing wraps up with them patting themselves on the back for a job well done and deciding not to move forwards with any plans to include non-binary people in our legal system.
An image of Dunnottar Castle in Scotland. A coastal castle on the very edge of a cliff.

Scotland Announces GRA Reform Proposal

It removes the need to have anything signed off by a doctor, it opens it up to 16 year olds and the wait is cut down significantly from 2 years to 3 months. Though it is still an arbitrary wait nonetheless which could certainly be improved by simply not existing at all.