The Cass Review: A government-sanctioned attack on trans lives

The Cass Review faces condemnation for its biased approach, exclusion of trans voices, and potential harm to trans youth.

NHS & puberty blockers: Former GIDS patients reflect on long wait times, invasive assessments

Earlier this month, NHS England confirmed its plans to end the ‘routine’ prescription of puberty blockers to trans kids. To most former GIDS patients, the idea that the use of puberty blockers was ever routine is laughable.

New puberty blocker prescriptions halted by NHS England again

Contrary to most reporting on the subject NHS England has not completely and irrevocably stopped prescribing hormones. New puberty blocker prescriptions have been halted temporarily.

Kemi Badenoch likened trans people to a disease in Parliament

In the middle of a Parliamentary committee Kemi Badenoch likened trans people to a disease and then immediately tried to pretend she didn't. Clips of the outbust have been circulating online with the trans community sharing their outrage - we should be angry, I just don't think Badenoch is really the right target for this one.

Transgender men’s sleep patterns shift post-hormone therapy

New study reveals transgender men experience altered sleep patterns after starting testosterone, offering insights into hormone effects on sleep.

Transgender Europe report: Urgent need to address trans killings

Report reveals 320 trans and gender-diverse individuals were tragically killed last year, highlighting the urgent need for societal change and protection.

Maui vigil honours lives lost in transgender community

Maui holds a vigil to honor transgender individuals lost to violence, emphasising the importance of awareness and remembrance.

High suicide risk among transgender elders demands attention

Study reveals high suicidal ideation rates in older transgender adults, highlighting the need for targeted support and resources.

Plan for NHS to exclude trans women likely won’t happen; but it doesn’t need...

The media erupted in a flurry this week as Health Secretary Steve Barclay announced his intention for the NHS to exclude trans women from female wards. Understandably, this has shocked and concerned the trans community.

The lies surrounding healthcare for young trans people have gone on for too long;...

On healthcare for young trans people; There is no magical moment at which a child becomes an adult. No single instant at which we may safely declare that a young person has exited adolescence, and is fully equipped to enter the world of mortgage stress, Saturday morning food shopping and running arguments about the thermostat says Max Morgan
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