Jackson King

Jackson King is a queer Black trans man, journalist, writer, cultural worker and professional dominant (Mister Saul). He's the founding editor of Irresistible Damage (an online magazine for gay/bi trans mascs) and he also writes transmasc erotica on substack (TESTOSTEROTICA).

An intro to exciting trans masc sauna night with Kaleb Bleu

Have you heard of attracTion? It’s a new, trans masc sauna night based in the North West of England, and a welcome, sexy addition to the growing number of UK club nights and spaces catering to a trans masc audience (see T-Boys Club to Testohunkie). But attracTion is unique in its desire to cater to gay, bi or queer trans mascs looking to enjoy that staple of gay men’s culture – cruising in a sauna.

Lord Clyde and my beautifully horny, healing moment

Kicking off a series titled "Trans Wrongs", Jackson King took almost two hours to travel across the city to the Lord Clyde – a gay cruising bar in the heart of Deptford – but mercifully, it was absolutely worth it. Jackson writes;
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