Em is a bisexual nonbinary 40-something with ADHD and two half-working knees. They enjoy swimming in the sea, saying hello to dogs and Dungeons & Dragons. They do not enjoy having to endlessly justify their existence to people who think they don’t exist.

As a nonbinary person “I watched in horror” during Parliament’s nonbinary legal recognition debate

The untold damage to the psyche of those of us in the Section 28 Generation has yet to be genuinely explored; but it might explain why many of us in the 35-50 age bracket who now understand ourselves to be nonbinary watched in horror as the parliamentary “debate” on nonbinary recognition unfolded. A ghostly recreation of the ignorance, dismissiveness, whataboutery and speculative fiction that led so many of us to be left without any guidance or support in the 80s; let alone reassurances that there was nothing wrong with us. 
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