Elia Cugini

Elia Cugini (he/they) is a PhD student at the University of Manchester and a writer on literature, sex and culture. You can find his work at Dazed, Gawker, AnOther, Huck, Xtra and elsewhere, or follow him on Twitter at @uncanny_eli

UK’s private gender clinics; a guide to getting on hormones

Healthcare for transgender and gender diverse people in the UK right now is a battlefield and amidst the smoke, dust and debris it can be very difficult to find one's way out of no mans land. Even the UK's private gender clinics are no guarantee, Eli Cugini writes;

A Trans Man Walks Into a Gay Bar “is sweet, heartfelt, insightful, a seriously...

A Trans Man Walks Into a Gay Bar: A Journey of Self (and Sexual) Discovery by Harry Nicholas is available to buy now. Elia Cugini writes;
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