Crow Rudd

Crow Rudd (they/them) is a disabled nonbinary queer internationally published punk poet, multiple slam champion, mentor, events producer, host, workshop facilitator, exhibition co-organiser and network founder - basically, they wear a lot of hats. They are the creator and host of Sad Poets Doorstep Club, the founder and chair of the UK Trans Performers Network, and winner of Leeds Talent 2023. Their debut collection 'i am a thing of rough edges: DESTROY YOUR DEADNAME edition' is available from Whisky & Beards Publishing and was accepted into the National Poetry Library - twice.

Mithago’s Burn A Building is a passionate call-to-arms that leaves nowhere to hide

After 8 years away from the video production scene social media accounts for Scroobius Pip suddenly started lighting up with an announcement. Mithago's Burn A Building had moved him so much we just had to go take a look for ourselves. Crow Rudd writes;
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