Bappie Kortram

Bappie Kortram also known as Tranye West is a fat black trans man who focuses on the joys of being trans, fat and black. Combined with his background in streetwear, visual design and branding, Bappie spends his free time on helping trans masc dress better and being more comfortable in their body. We all need to look and feel our best when fighting for our rights.

Spareparts Joque review; a pricey harness but worth it

We all know this scenario, you are down to clown and the mood is set. You pull out your well curated collection of toys like a wine connoisseur of orgasms. You click that bad boy into your harness, ready to ruin this lovely person who is ready to be jack hammered into the afterlife. But alas you are fat and the harness isn’t big enough, even worse the fabric cuts into your skin like paper cuts and the jackhammering has ended with a weird plop as the toy has abandoned all hope and unceremoniously falls out of the o-ring of your harness. No worries though, the days of horny fat suffering have come to an end.
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