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Green Party politician suspended over Eddie Izzard complaint


The Green Party’s Alison Teal has been suspended after Eddie Izzard using the toilet annoyed her.

The Green Party has a problem with transphobia, as evidenced when Alison Teal expressed support for an article complaining that Eddie Izzard used the women’s toilets to relieve herself at a Labour Party fundraising event in Sheffield where Izzard is campaigning for selection.

Teal tweeted in reference to a magazine article in The Critic by Jean Hatchet and said, “Powerful piece. The loss of women’s rights starts with looking the other way for an Eddie Izzard and ends with a society that doesn’t flinch at placing a male sex offender in jail with women.”

The tweet, which is still online, also included photos of Izzard.

That resulted in fellow Green members saying they would not campaign for ‘any candidate who discriminates against trans people’.

Teal, of course, denies being transphobic and even goes so far as to say that in not having these discussions, which we’ve actually been having for years, is offensive to trans people.

“Transgender people have my full support,” Teal said without shame.

“They have the same rights as anyone else and it’s vitally important we provide them with the best quality healthcare and all the provisions they need to lead a life of dignity and respect.

Daily Mail 25 November 2022

“I just want us to talk about it and they really don’t because they say in talking about it it’s actually causing deep harm and offence to people who identify as transgender. By preventing conversation I don’t think they are helping anybody – they are making it worse by creating this horrible divisive mess.”

Of course, when people like Teal say they ‘just want to talk about it’ what they actually mean is they want to talk, and they want everybody else to shut up and agree with them.

Teal had been selected to stand in Sheffield for the Green Party and seems to have appealed her no-fault suspension, which she says left her ‘shocked’.

In a statement, Teal also said, “It’s deeply regrettable that some of my former colleagues brought our political disagreement into the public eye and one has brought a complaint against me that’s led to my no-fault suspension by the Party.

“Using the disciplinary process to manage differences of opinion rather than engage in discussion is troubling and disappointing. Efforts are being made at the local level to address the need for dialogue and I continue to be optimistic that we can resolve our differences.”

The Daily Mail, who refer to a councillor that nobody had heard of before this issue as a ‘leading Green politician,’ report in their headline that Teal is “hopeful in row over Izzard’s visit to ladies” although they do not elaborate on that any further in the article.

They also quote Shahrar Ali, notorious for his views about trans people, as well as The Critic’s writer, Hatchet, who wrote that Izzard peeing in the women’s toilet was, “an arrogant assertion of power over women”.

By way of ‘balance’ the Daily Mail add, “A Green Party spokesman yesterday said it ‘does not comment on individual disciplinary cases’.”

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